The Darkening Tide

from the journal of Tuck

Ow. What a day.

In Haven, Poe and I encountered a group of unusual adventurers. They numbered four and were all women! I don’t think I have ever heard of a group of all females… well, besides the legends of The Valakaye. Perhaps this group has some sort of aspirations to follow in the footsteps of those great heroes?

Our first meeting turned into a melee as four men arrived outside the tavern we were in and demanded that a young girl be handed over to them. Obviously, I would not allow such a thing. Were it a matter of theft or such, I may have acquiesced; but they offered no explanation beyond, “send out the girl.” There was an odd “stillness” about them too. Despite standing in the pouring rain, they seemed to barely move.

The women (I wonder if they have a group Name) chose to stand against these strangers and I with them. Blood flowed on both sides; but we, in the end, stood victorious.

The young girl that the men had been pursuing had fled during the fight, and the women went in search of her. The left in such a hurry that we were not properly introduced. I can only assume that their fear for the girl’s safety was the cause of such rudeness.

This morning, we found that the women had returned (without the girl) and were planning on heading to Buckland Village. As Poe and I were headed there as well, they asked if we would like to accompany them. We agreed.

On the road, about midday or so, we encountered another of the “still men”. This one had a pair of obviously tainted ogres on chain leashes! He unleashed the beasts and ordered them to kill, which they did… by immediately slaying him! Then, they came for us.

This was a truly hard-fought win. As I write this, every part of me aches. My left arm is broken and I wrenched my knee. To make matters worse, before I can even catch my breath, I turned around to find the Ork, called Xola, berating Poe for not assisting in the combat! Who does she believe she is to command my brother into combat? It was all I could do to keep my tongue in check as I had no true desire to insult our new companions, but this sort of insult will not go unanswered a second time!



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