The Valakaye

A legendary, all-female adventuring group the predates The Scourge.

When they walked upon the battlefield, they chose who fell.

Founding Members
The Morning Dew Girl
The Woman of Gales
The Wooded Crone
The Lady of Flame
The Mistress of Stone

The Orichalcum Queen came from faraway and handpicked 5 Novice Adepts. She Named them The Valakaye. They traveled the land, doing what they could to hold back the coming Scourge

They lived in a grand citadel Named Valhalla and rode up the backs of winged horses.

They did not place women over men, nor any NameGiver race above any other. The Valakaye were a force of Justice and stood for those that could not stand for themselves.

Over time, their numbers swelled to the size of a small army.

It is said that they all perished holding back the tide of Horrors, giving the people of Barsaive the precious time needed to seal their kaers.

The Valakaye

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