The Darkening Tide

from the journal of Poe

Xola, the Ork Nethermancer, taught me a valuable lesson today… Be wary not only of your enemies, but your allies as well. In truth, it is a lesson I had already learned – one does not grow up in Kratas without learning such – but she clearly demonstrated that the lesson applies beyond the bounds of the “City of Thieves” as well. I should probably be thankful that the lesson did not come with a higher cost than a few bruises and a wounded pride, but “the attack” took me so completely off-guard that I was struck dumb! A speechless Troubadour! It was a shameful moment.

To make matters all the more vexing, I had just watched Xola lead a tainted ogre into Tuck’s unprotected back in order to save her own skin! She dares condemn my inactivity in battle while she actively endangers those that would be her allies? Preposterous! I had heard jests of “Orkish Honor”, but had always assumed it was little more that racist drivel. Perhaps there is some truth to it after all.

The incident after the fight perplexes me greatly. Try as I might, I cannot grasp what she expects from me. She claims that we are “all warriors on the field”. She wishes me to engage in the conflict? To get caught up in the heat of the moment? How am I to record the glories of my companions if I am too busy trying to keep all of my parts attached? My place is not among the blood and sweat of the battlefield. My purpose is to craft Beauty for the world from the ugliness that transpires when steel meets flesh and bone; to inspire Hope for the people from the tiniest sparks of light in the darkness that surrounds us all.

Truthfully, were I to enter the fray, I would truly be little more than a liability (and likely a casualty). My training has never extended into the martial practices, and now some Nethermancer is telling me that I must fight? I might have expected such behavior from one of the more martial Disciplines (Ta’nya the Archer perhaps), but a Nethermancer? It is almost as if she wishes to see me dead, and there are many dark tales about what Nethermancers do with dead things.

Perhaps Tuck and I should find a group that understands us more thoroughly.



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