The Darkening Tide


Keep Out!

I’ll never understand the need of so many namegivers to write down their most private thoughts and their deeds. I don’t need a record of those I’ve had a dalliance with or swatted like the parasite they are, no. All of that is kept neatly in my head, they’re my secrets, my reasons. Do I think that the words “Keep Out” will keep my journal private? Do I think that the lock that I’ve placed around it will keep my thoughts from others? No. Though they may be my “friends” and companions, but they’re still women and most women…are nosy creatures, especially the human.

“I feel a rumbling in my spirit, like an beast wanting free.”

No, there will be no record of my days. But I will gladly sketch while the others pen their privacy to the pages, I can’t look like I’m doing nothing. Let them think I’m writing. But from here on out the pages will predominantly sketches.



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